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    The Chicago Blues Museum, the only music museum in Chicago, preserves, studies, and documents one of America's greatest gifts to the world - the Blues. After founding this only historic institution dedicated to the history of the blues and African-American popular music as it relates to Chicago in 1991, the museum team has launched a veritable crusade to document Chicago's jass and soul music legacy and to preserve the rich living tradition of the



    The museum collects, preserved and displays the images, films, footage, memorabilia, recordings and artifacts of the blues, to ensure the continuance of this art form for future generations. Its archives hold an estimated 350,000 vintage photographs on blues, r&b, jazz, soul & gospel artists, images on African-American life, political leaders and sports figures, white entertainers of various genres, recordings plus countless rare ephemera and footage, The Chicago Blues Museum has become one of the foremost institutions displaying the history of blues, jazz, r&b, soul, gospel and urban life to the city and state-wide.

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